Bts Universe Story Is The Weirdest Official Fanfiction I’ve Ever Seen

Instead, The North Remembers—which focuses more on the books than the show—occurs after the events ofA Dance with Dragons. Game of Thrones canon, it’s not stunning that more than 96,000 individuals have enjoyed this fanfiction thus far. Another beast fromDolorousEdditor,“The Conquest” shifts the story utterly.

If Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and (the now-eliminated) Zayn Malik ever learn any of those stories, they might freak out. The writer of this particular fan fiction actually ought to extend a kind apology to actually anyone who’s ever thought of the Eleventh Doctor to be a personal hero. Because this writer has taken our Doctor to a spot that we actually do not need to observe. Well, somemay wish to comply with, but the remainder of us do not. The remainder of us have dignity, thanks very a lot. In the years since, there’s been a gentle circulate of pseudonymous people who’ve claimed to have written “My Immortal” as a prank. Some of the admissions have been extremely transient (such as this one-line statementposted by fanfiction.web consumer “goffikblood666” in 2009), and others have been prolonged .

Harry Potter Fan Theories

Some fic writers have disclaimers, explicitly stating that they don’t own the characters and/or other components of the book, present, movie, etcetera they use of their works. Like many teenage ladies within the early-mid aughts, I had the belief that I wasn’t like different girls. I wasn’t a complete loner, but my friends had been largely the bizarre kids, the anime nerds, and the band youngsters. However, I never shared my interest in studying and writing fanfiction with those associates. I am not sure why I never spoke about it again then; perhaps I just wanted it to remain my secret. Fanfiction was one of my few escapes from bullying, angsty teen drama, and mindless schoolwork. Shaya Lonnie says she labored about 30 chapters ahead, which allowed her to post a brand new chapter daily.

the best fanfiction ever

A few months later, for unknown reasons, fanfiction.internet took down the entire chapters . Soon afterward, the alleged LiveJournal and MySpace accounts of Tara disappeared, too.

Heres One Of The Best Recreation Of Thrones Fanfiction

In this text, I’m going to go over every thing about fanfiction from the essential “What is fanfiction” to in-depth reviews of all the various fanfic web sites In Flight by gabriel blessing is my favourite of all of the fanfiction that I even have read and is a narrative that may stand by itself.

  • The fic has loads of confrontations, but not plenty of action.
  • Harry features new, fearsome powers, but in addition makes new enemies which are extra harmful than he could have imagined.
  • Harry’s willpower to win against Voldemort leads him to making a pact with the devil .
  • As a outcome, their conflict escalates until it threatens the very existence of our world.

The writer, Lightning on the Wave, creates a world of tradition and historical past by which Harry must grow in and become his own person. It’s an interesting story with an correct take on the results of childhood abuse, whereas allowing the characters to maneuver previous it and turn into sturdy in their own rights. You forgot “My Immortal”, in my years of studying fanfiction, i can safely say that this is among the greatest fanfics I’ve ever learn. It has a great mix of character interaction, love, and drama. I would have loved to rank this fanfic greater in my listing since I loved it a lot. Sadly, while Apprentice Potter and its first sequel Journeyman Potter are complete, the third installment Master Potter is unfinished and seems to be deserted.

Bread By Tulipp

I have been studying and writing fanfiction under varied pseudonyms for ~7 years now. I’ve tried each site from newer fanfiction sites like Commaful to area of interest fanfiction archives to the tried and true archives like and AO3.

the best fanfiction ever

However, most on-line readers who do disclose their age describe themselves as teenagers . On May 22, 2013, the net retailer established a new publishing service, Kindle Worlds. However, this association contains restrictions on content, copyright violations, poor document formatting, and use of deceptive titles.


In my experience, I’ve discovered Wattpad to have a ton of fanfiction about Harry Styles, One Direction, and Justin Bieber . Overall, large international viewers on Wattpad and a young viewers so for certain fandoms that target these youthful audiences, Wattpad is the main place to publish.

the best fanfiction ever

The premise of the story is that after studying a book about abuse and discussing it in class, Dudley realizes what his dad and mom are doing to Harry is undeniably abuse. Following that realization, Dudley begins second-guessing every little thing he thought he knew about each the Dursleys and Harry. Make no mistake, there are nonetheless many components of Harry that we recognize from the HP books in this Harry Potter fanfiction. For instance, Harry is legendary in this story as well and he nonetheless makes the front page of newspapers.

What Tropes And Themes Do Readers Care About Least?

Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux by Mike aka Full Pensieve is among the most well-written, and probably the most practical HP fanfic that I’ve ever read. When I say sensible, I mean it by way of portrayal of the Second Wizarding War and how it affects the Muggles, the detail that went into expanding the Harry Potter world, and the actions and emotions of the characters.

If you’re nodding by now, then what you’re looking for is Twilighted, a fanfiction web site revolving across the Twilight universe. Read hundreds of fanfiction stories, and submit your individual―Twilighted welcomes different types of fanfiction so long as it’s related to Twilight in some way, and in addition accepts stories with crossovers. Those who love Korean Pop, or K-Pop, as it’s popularly recognized, ought to undoubtedly pay this site a go to.

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